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A Taste of Authentic

Southeast Asian Food

Situated at the corner of Valley Blvd and Ivar Ave in the heart of Rosemead, Tai-Kadai Kitchen showcases a diverse selection of Southeast Asian food and captures its authentic flavors in traditional dishes of the region. Our menu features unique flavor combinations and only the finest ingredients, including fresh herbs and our homemade sauces. Every dish is fired to order and made without added MSG. Our well-trained experienced chefs use a unique blend of herbs and spices to infuse our dishes with natural aromas, while delivering rich flavor. We guarantee that there will never be a microwave in our kitchen.

What is

Tai-Kadai [tahy-kah-dahy]?


Tai-Kadai is the name of a family of languages used throughout Southeast Asia and Southern China. They include the languages spoken in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore, Chaozhou and Hainan. While the various languages spoken in this region are distinct from one another, the region does share some prominent characteristics in their cuisine. Tai-Kadai Kitchen aims to unify these countries and present their cuisine as if from a single region.

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